Press Release: Wildlife Hunting is Rampant, Forest Fire in R Soerjo Grand Forest Park Increases

(10/12/2012) The increasing forest fire in the area of R Soerjo Grand Forest Park in 2012 is linked to the rampant wildlife hunting in the conservation area. According to ProFauna Indonesia records between August and October 2012, there had been 21 forest fire cases. While in 2011, there were only six cases of forest fire. This means that the forest fire in R Soerjo Grand Forest Park increases up to 250% compared to the previous year.

ProFauna Indonesia Campaign Officer, Radius Nursidi, stated, "One of the poaching methods in the park is by setting up fire in order to herd the animals out of their nests". By setting the fire, the poachers also distract the rangers from the poaching activities.

The wildlife poached in the park include jungle fowls, deer, and birds. Poachers come from different regions surrounding the park like: Singosari, Karangploso, Lawang, Trawas, and Pasuruan. The poaching gets more rampant due to the lack of partrol from the rangers.

R Soerjo Grand Forest Park has been set as a conservation area since 1992 through the Decision Letter of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 29 year 1992 covering 27,868.30 hectares. The management of the park according to the Regional Regulation of East Java Province Number 8 year 2002 aims to preserve the germ plasm of the Indonesian forests and to maintain the plant and wildlife collection. The poaching has clearly posed threats the conservation of wildlife and forest of R Soerjo Grand Forest Park.

ProFauna Indonesia demands the Regional Government of East Java to take serious action to control the poaching in the park. ProFauna recommends that the government to intensively patrol the park and set more security posts in the sites where poachers trespass the park. If the government do not control the poaching, forest fire will keep happening every year and threaten the wildlife with textinction.

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