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ProFauna: Illegal Logging in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Must Stop

Malang - ProFauna Indonesia urges the government to stop the illegal logging in the area of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) for the destruction effect on the park's ecosystem.

Press Release: Wildlife Hunting is Rampant, Forest Fire in R Soerjo Grand Forest Park Increases

(10/12/2012) The increasing forest fire in the area of R Soerjo Grand Forest Park in 2012 is linked to the rampant wildlife hunting in the conservation area. According to ProFauna Indonesia records between August and October 2012, there had been 21 forest fire cases. While in 2011, there were only six cases of forest fire.

About Forests in Java

Java Island is the densest island in Indonesia with the largest population. The rapid population growth in the island causes the shrinking forests in Java Island.

ProFauna and Rangers Patrol the Tropical Rain Forest in East Java

ProFauna Indonesia is very serious and actively assists the government for forest protection from illegal logging and wildlife poaching as the organisation conducts joint patrol with the rangers of R Soerjo grand forest park, one of the remaining tropical rain forests in East Java. In the forest patrol held in February 2011, ProFauna not only provided financial support but also joined the patrol on the field.

Press Release: Forests in Java are Threatened, ProFauna Calls For Forest Protection Movement

(02/25/2010) The decreasing forests in Java Island threats the lives of humans and wildlife, especially those endemic to the Island. The recently increasing natural and man-made disasters indicate that forests have degraded.

Press Release: ProFauna Demands Government’s Practical and Political Efforts to Save Forests in Java

(01/06/2010) Forests in Java Island, Indonesia, degrade which threat human and other living things on the Island, especially wildlife endemic to Java. Based on the deforestation pace published by the Forestry Department for 2003-2006 period, the largest deforestation happened in Sumatera which was 268,000 hectares/year or 22,8% of the total deforestation in Indonesia which was 1.17 millions hectares/year. The next places were in Kalimantan for 239,000 hectares/year (20.4%), Sulawesi for 114,700 hectares/year (9.8 %), and Java for 2,500 hectares/year (0.2%).

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