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My experience at P-WEC

As a volunteer, I am ready to do anything that the staff requires me to do and the scope of my duties is considerably large.

PROFAUNA’s Supporters Donate LCD Projector for Wildlife Education in West Sumatra

PROFAUNA's supporters and activists succeeded in raising money to buy a LCD projector for forest and wildlife education program

PROFAUNA’s activist and Nature Clubs in West Sumatra Sharpen Up on Nature Protection Skills

PROFAUNA's Bukittinggi Chapter and Andalas Wildlife Education Center (AWEC) held a second training for the candidates of AWEC's Ranger from batch 1

Welcoming Ramadhan, PROFAUNA North Maluku and Nature Club Cleaned the Environment

PROFAUNA's activists in North Maluku and the Nature Club of IAIN Ternate held a public service activity in several points around the city of Ternate. The theme of the event was "Clean Our Heart, Clean Our Environment"

Profauna Conference 2015: Speak Out for Forest

PROFAUNA Indonesia is holding a regular biennial event: PROFAUNA Conference. This year's theme is 'Speak Out for Forest'

EPIC!: PROFAUNA Indonesia’s 20th Anniversary

suporter PROFAUNA dari berbagai daerah

Hundreds activists of Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia gathered at PROFAUNA's 20th anniversary on 27-28 December 2014 at Petungsewu Adventure

PROFAUNA’s Ternate Chapter Promoted into North Maluku Representatives

Profauna maluku utara representative

PROFAUNA's Ternate chapter has been promoted into North Maluku Representatives, from 1 November 2014 on

Agenda: PROFAUNA’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia would like to invite our supporters from different places in and outside the country to join our 20th anniversary celebration

PROFAUNA’s Palopo Chapter

suporter Profauna Palopo
Supporters of Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia in Palopo, Central Sulawesi, now have a chapter, an association where they can meet and  coordinate


PROFAUNA’s Bukittinggi Chapter is Now Open!

Starting from September 2014, the headquarters of Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) has granted the establishment of PROFAUNA's Bukittinggi Chapter


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