PROFAUNA Indonesia and Kayoman Map Dozens of Springs in Pedawa, Bali

Accompanied by PROFAUNA Indonesia, Kayoman has mapped dozens of springs spread across Pedawa. Dozens of these springs are not on the village or state-owned land, but by individuals.

KBRN, Singaraja - Bali (National Radio News Office in Singaraja - Bali): Receiving direct assistance from PROFAUNA Indonesia, Kayoman's group, the local community in Pedawa village - Bali, has so far succeeded in mapping more than 40 springs spread across Pedawa. Before receiving assistance, the springs were known to have not been maximally touched by Kayoman.

PROFAUNA Indonesia Ranger, Erik Yanuar, said that the biggest challenge faced by Kayoman today is the status of the land where the springs are located.

"Every spring here is owned by individuals, and they can do anything with it," he told RRI (Radio od Indonesia Republic) Singaraja - Bali.

Erik said the importance of awareness of forest conservation as has been consistently done by Kayoman was the main reason they decided to provide assistance to the group formed on December 6, 2016.

The ranger who is also known to have assisted the local forest is not only used for daily needs such as bathing and drinking.

"Culture is what can encourage environmental conservation. The spiritual needs of the community (on water) can help nature," explained Yanuar.

The assistance of PROFAUNA to Pedawa provides hope for Putu Yuli Supriyandana, one of the founders of Kayoman community. The man who works as a teacher at one of the schools in Buleleng hopes that Kayoman will later be able to have a private forest that can provide their freedom in the context of nature conservation in Pedawa.

"We want to have our own land, because later (the plan) we will make a forest that will be planted with plants that cannot be separated from the traditional ceremonies in Pedawa. If what we do now is limited, considering the status of the land we plant," said Supriyandana.

Established since 1994, PROFAUNA Indonesia consistently provides assistance on forest and wildlife protection issues. Through the spirit ignited by Rosek Nursahid and Made Astuti, a married couple who co-founded PROFAUNA, the foundation established in Malang City always welcomes collaboration from various parties as an effort to protect the forest while preserving the wildlife in it.

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