Arif Rahman: Working while Spreading Nature Conservation Values

Arif Rahman - ProFauna Indonesia SupporterArif Rahman who goes by his nickname, Maman, joined ProFauna Indonesia as a local volunteer (ProFauna Indonesia Supporter) in 2003 after watching ProFauna in the television news. At the beginning of joining ProFauna, Maman felt he was like a "noob" because he was surrounded by many ProFauna activists who had taken action for wildlife. The situation encouraged him to prove that he could also take action for wildlife.

As an assistant at one of the State-owned Enterprises, PTPN XII Kebun Kayu Mas, in Plampang, Situbondo Regency, Maman is in charge of managing a 147.8 hectares plantation. To take action in saving wildlife, Maman has published a wildlife hunting ban in the plantation areas. The gentleman who was born in 1981 would warn and even confiscate the weapons used by his workers hunting wildlife at the forests nearby the plantation.

One day one of the workers brought a peafowl chick and would sell the protected bird to Maman. Maman told the worker, "Please accept 50,000 Indonesia Rupiah for the chick but please release back the bird to the forest". The worker was startled by Maman's response because Maman paid the bird but asked to release the bird back to the forest. Later, the worker felt ashamed and realized that what he did was illegal and promised not to hunt again.

What Maman did had inspired his colleagues to save wildlife. Maman's action to save wildlife is in accordance with the company's mission because as a state-owned company whose products are exported internationally, one of the requirements is to be "green product" certified. The conservation of the biodiversities in the plantation is also part of the "green product" certification.

During his activities managing the coffee plantation, Maman holds regular bird and animal watching by himself. He has succeeded to record 100 bird species in his area including the rare Javan Hawk-eagle. There are many bird species because the plantation is bordering directly with natural forests. The wildlife hunting ban enacted by Maman and his colleagues also helps conserving the birds.

Beside bird watching, Maman is also active in voluntarily installing the boards of the hunting ban in his area. Maman has actively involved in wildlife conservation in his own ways. He admitted that his biggest inspiration was ProFauna Indonesia for the non for profit activities.

Maman also realized that he might not be long working at the coffee plantation because job position change is inevitable in the company. Maman stated, "Wherever I am stationed, I will always bring ProFauna's missions with me and spread nature conservation values." Such an inspiring passion because taking action for nature should be held all the time.

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