Thank you, Novia!: A 6th Grader Helps ProFauna

 A 6th Grader Helps ProFauna

ProFauna receives supports not only from adults, but also from children. Like what has been done by Novia, a 6th grade student from Pelita Harapan Lippo Karawaci Tangerang. She donated IDR 500.000 to ProFauna, which was accepted by Irma Hermawati as ProFauna Jakarta Representatives. Before that, Novia interviewed Irma about wildlife trade for her school assignment. From then on, she becomes motivated to help wildlife through ProFauna.

ProFauna Indonesia really appreciates Novia's concern to Indonesian wildlife. It is young generation like her who will ensure the future of wildlife conservation in our country. Thank you very much, Novia!

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