Ihsan Maulana Donates for Orangutan Campaign

Ihsan Maulana, a supporter of ProFauna IndonesiaIhsan Maulana, a supporter of ProFauna Indonesia and also a junior student of veterinary medicine, has donated some money for ProFauna to support "Ride for Orangutan" campaign which will be carried out from April-June 2013. Ihsan owns his own business, Cardios Laundry, and he plans to lay aside some amount of his income to help ProFauna. "I would lay aside some of my income from my laundry business, this is all I can do to help," said he, who has been actively supporting ProFauna since 2010.

ProFauna Indonesia appreciates his aid very much, for this is a manifestation of concern and active participation from the society. Rosek Nursahid, the chairman of ProFauna Indonesia, said, "ProFauna exceptionally thank Ihsan for his aid and we do not see it from the amount, but for his generosity to help ProFauna working on wildlife conservation. This should be highly appreciated for such action is quite extraordinary in Indonesia."

During the launching of Ride for Orangutan campaign Ihsan added, "I am so ready to provide free laundry service for the team's clothes after the campaign."

Not only Ihsan, the other supporters of ProFauna are also eager to contribute for the campaign, for instance Ida Nurmala and Zamroni. This couple has been a great help in coordinating ProFauna's supporters in the Sidoarjo Chapter. Many thanks for Ihsan, Ida Nurmala, and Zamroni for their boundless hand-outs!

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