ProFauna Supporter – Sidoarjo Chapter Increases Rapidly

ProFauna Supporter - Sidoarjo Chapter Increases RapidlyProFauna local volunteers called, ProFauna Supporter - Sidoarjo Chapter, a city next to Surabaya, East Java; increases the number of the members rapidly. In February 2012, there were 23 new members of ProFauna Supporter - Sidoarjo Chapter. This breaks the record of ProFauna's Supporter membership increase in just one month.

Thanks to the promotion conducted by ProFauna Supporter - Sidoarjo Chapter who is coordinated by Muhammad Zamroni, the Chapter which was officially launched in February 2012 has recruited more members to help ProFauna to save wildlife and their habitat. Zamroni; who gets full support from his wife, Ida Nurmala who is also a ProFauna activist; has actively campaigned about wildlife protection in Sidoarjo.

Thank you ProFauna Supporter - Sidoarjo Chapter for the fantastic increase and support to ProFauna Indonesia!

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