Portrait Drawing for Fundraising to ProFauna Collects 3 Millions IDR

Portrait Drawing for Fundraising to ProFauna Collects 3 Millions IDRThe portrait drawing for fundraising held by one of ProFauna's local volunteers who is an artist, Yuswadi Wibowo, in July 2012 managed to collect 3 millions IDR (300 USD, 1 USD = 10,000 IDR) to the organization works to save wildlife. Yuswadi Wibowo who goes by Pakde Yoes (Uncle Yoes) encouraged the public to donate for ProFauna and would draw their portraits. The minimum donation was 20,000 IDR for a pencil portrait.

For more information please go to the following link: Portrait Drawing for Fundraising to ProFauna

The fundraising gained many support and appraisal because in Indonesia to raise fund for environment or wildlife cause is not popular and easy. Chairman of ProFauna Indonesia, Rosek Nursahid, stated, "We are really appreciated and thankful to Pakde Yoes' work. This is an interesting way and has proven that anyone can do fundraising for ProFauna based on their own skills". ProFauna Indonesia thanks to the donors participating in this event.

Most donors applauded Pakde Yoes' works. If you would like to order your portrait, ProFauna Indonesia recommends you to contact him because not only he is such talented artist but also passionate to nature conservation. Please contact Pakde Yoes at +6281230036366 or email yoes.wibowo@yahoo.com.

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