Press Release: ProFauna Denounces Karangasem Regent’s Statement on Monkey Culling

Long-tailed monkey (Macaca fascicularis)The latest update on the attack of a long-tailed monkey (Macaca fascicularis) causing the death of a villager in a Banjar (Sub-Village) Tengah, Nongan Village, Gianyar Regency; named Nyoman Gunung on 14th May 2012 showed that the villagers together with the authorities (the police and the armed force) had successfully shot the "crazy monkey" to death five days later (19th May 2012). On the contrary, the laboratory test of the Bali Province Agriculture Agency on the blood sample of the monkey resulted that the primate was not infected to rabies.

Responding to the case, ProFauna denounces the statement of Karangasem Regent, I Wayan Geredeg, on some local media instructing monkey cull by capturing the primates and inserting bandil (thorny rattan leaves) to their anuses. The Regent stated that by doing so, the monkeys would get hurt and attack each other until they all died. ProFauna is strongly against the statement because it is harsh, provocative, and against Tri Hita Karana -the Balinese principle that humans should maintain the relationship among humans, environment, and God.

ProFauna records show that human animal conflicts in many places in Indonesia happen due to habitat loss causing the lack of food supply for the wildlife population in certain forest areas. This deforestation also causes the high competition between primate individuals, especially the alpha male.

Jatmiko Wiwoho, Coordinator of ProFauna Bali Representative stated, "Karangasem Regent should have not considered the monkeys as human enemy needs culling and to be treated cruelly. Like humans, wildlife are living creatures which have values for humans."

ProFauna Indonesia considers the cruel culling of wildlife (in this case, monkeys) as stated by Regent Geredeg is animal cruelty and will trigger the other monkeys in the nearby areas to be more aggressive. A high profile official like a regent should wisely refer to the advice from experts like biologist, veterinarian, forestry people, wildlife conservation practitioner, and even religious heads.

ProFauna suggests a solution to this case by castration on males to control the population. However, it needs a thorough population study to determine the correct number of how many males should be neutered. This will require hard work but it will reduce the individual competition naturally. This method is also long lasting because it will take years until there is a dominant alpha male. Not to mention that it is based on animal welfare principles.

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