ProFauna Rescues the Monkey Shot by Local People

ProFauna Rescues the Monkey Shot by Local PeopleA wandering long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis) in the District of Sukun, Malang City finally evacuated by the locals and handed to ProFauna Indonesia (6 June 2012). For couple months, the monkey which was believed to escape from the owner, had disturbed the locals. One of them reported to ProFauna Indonesia which took action immediately to rescue the monkey together with the team from the Natural Resources Conservation Center (better known as BKSDA).

The joint team tried to catch the monkey by setting food-bait which had been sedated. Couple days later, the locals contacted ProFauna and reported that the monkey had been caught in severe condition. The poor creature was shot in its chest with limp leg probably caused by hard object. The primate could not walk itself and looked stressed.

The injured monkey was then evacuated by ProFauna to have treatment at PWRC (ProFauna's Wildlife Rescue Center). ProFauna was very concerned by the cruelty to the innocent monkey. The monkey must have been caught from the wild and sold as pet before wandering around the neighborhood. Therefore, ProFauna Indonesia invites the public not to buy monkeys and other wildlife as pets at homes because keeping wildlife has negative sides like escaping and disturbing people or infecting zoonosis.

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