Poster and Booklet of the Most Commonly Traded Wildlife for Law Enforcement Officer

Poster and Booklet of the Most Commonly Traded Wildlife for Law Enforcement OfficerThe illegal wildlife trade has become the second largest threat towards the Indonesian wildlife after habitat loss. According to ProFauna Indonesia's survey which has been conducted for many years, it shows that most of the traded wildlife in Indonesia is wild caught instead of captive bred. The trade has caused local extinction to some wildlife endemic to Indonesia.

One of the main factors of the rampantly illegal wildlife trade is the lack of law enforcement. However, some law enforcement agencies in some regions show their commitment to curb the trade. Unfortunately, most of them are lack of protected-wildlife identification skills. For this reason, ProFauna Indonesia with the support provided by the Born Free Foundation publish poster and booklet of the most commonly traded wildlife in Indonesia.

Copies of the poster and booklet are distributed for free to the law enforcement agencies like the Police and the Forestry Department. ProFauna also conducts training on identification of the commonly traded wildlife. The field officers of the agencies welcome the publication of the poster and booklet. As expressed to ProFauna, the officers find difficulties in identifying the traded wildlife. After receiving the poster, the officers then display it in some bird/ animal markets hoping that traders will be aware of the wildlife which are illegal to be traded.

Rosek Nursahid, Chairman of ProFauna Indonesia, stated, "ProFauna Indonesia always support law enforcement against the illegal wildlife trade in Indonesia. Without the law being fully enforced, the illegal wildlife trade keeps happening and threatening the survival of Indonesian wildlife". Besides holding training and distributing posters on the most commonly traded wildlife, ProFauna is also active in conducting investigation into the illegal wildlife trade. Many of the investigation findings are followed by the law enforcement agencies into confiscation operation and further judicial process.

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