ISAW and ProFauna Educate Kids about Animal Welfare

Indonesian Society for Animal Welfare (ISAW), in collaboration with ProFauna Indonesia, are having educational program about animal welfare. One of the schools visited was SDN (elementary school)  Blimbing 3 Malang (29/10/2013). Kinanti Wicaksono (Kintan) from ISAW talked about the welfare of cats and dogs that are kept as pets in front of 300 students of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. Kintan explained that cats and dogs need not only food and drink, but also medical treatments and exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

Kintan, who came all the way from Jakarta, also said that there is a chance that some diseases may be transmitted from animals to humans if they are not well treated. Keeping cats and dogs as pets according to animal welfare standard will also give more convenience to the owners.

ISAW was established in 2004, and after a period of being inactive now it begins to conduct some programs again, coordinated by Kintan who is also an activist of ProFauna. ISAW promotes animal welfare in Indonesia including cattle, zoo animals, and companion animals. Meanwhile, ProFauna works on wildlife issues, so that for general animal welfare issues ProFauna collaborates with ISAW.

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