Boosting the Love to Wildlife by being a Nature Detective

Boosting the Love to Wildlife by being a Nature DetectiveMore than 60 teenagers from Batu, East Java, became a Nature Detective to explore wildlife around P-WEC, ProFauna's wildlife education center. They spent two days in mid-June to stay in P-WEC to learn about nature through exciting games and adventure. One of the games was called "Nature Detective", a game designed to enhance their meticulousness in observing the various kind of animals in the wild. Many of those animals often camouflage, so that they will be harder to notice.

Beside this game, they also learned about river pollution and turning kitchen waste into artworks. The teenagers looked very enthusiastic and engrossed in every activity because they do everything in a fun way out in the open air. For more information about ProFauna's wildlife education center, please visit:

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