Watching Javan Langur Conservation Film at Mt. Lemongan

On 8 November 2014, activists of Protection of Forest and Fauna (PROFAUNA) held an educational program on the conservation of the Javan Langur and its habitat, attended by the people living at the foot of Mt. Lemongan, Lumajang, East Java. The program was also joined by the students of Ma Chung University, Malang. Together they watched a film about how human is harming the environment, and another film about the conservation of the Javan Langur and forest in Java. The audiences were very enthusiastic for the information given were relatively new to them.

The program was held due to the high rate of poaching at Mt. Lemongan. According to the accounts of Laskar Hijau -a local community working for the protection of Mt. Lemongan- a few days before PROFAUNA's visit, two military persons were about to hike up the mountain to hunt. After the members of Laskar Hijau warned them and gave them a brief explanation, they quashed their plan to go hunting.

Thank you Laskar Hijau and Ma Chung University for joining PROFAUNA on our education program at Mt. Lemongan!

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