PROFAUNA Campaigns for the Javan Langur on The Streets of Yogyakarta

Activists from Protection of Forest and Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia engage the people of Yogyakarta to support the conservation efforts of the Javan Langur (Trachypithecus auratus) and its shrinking habitat. The NGO founded in 1994 promotes this issue by holding theatrical demonstration in front of Yogyakarta Provincial Legislative Office at Jalan Malioboro, Yogyakarta, central Java on Friday (19/9/2014).

In the demonstration supported by IPPL, PROFAUNA's activists set up a cage with a forlorn young lady inside. Around the cage, stand other figures in Javan Langur masks. The 'Javan Langurs' held out banners saying than human and the Javan langur both do not like to be encaged. The message carried in the demostration is that both human and the Javan Langur needs freedom.

 "The theatrical act is a manifestation of PROFAUNA's deep concern towards the rampant practice of illegal Javan Langur trade," said Swasti Prawidya Mukti, PROFAUNA's campaign officer. "The Javan Langur is a protected species which is highly threatened by poaching and trade. Everybody could take part in protecting this species by not poaching, buying, and keeping the Javan Langur as pets."

Kampanye PROFAUNA di YogyaPROFAUNA's monitoring result shows that illegal trade of the Javan Langur is still rampant in several places, including Yogyakarta. The method is also getting more sophisticated, such as using online sites and social media. "The trade of Javan Langur violates the Law no.5 of 1990. Anybody who does it is liable for 5 years of prison and 100 million fines," add Asti.

The alarming rate of Javan Langur trade has motivated PROFAUNA to promote the protection of Javan Langur and its habitat. This campaign involves activists from different regions, as one of PROFAUNA's principles is to encourage the general public to partake actively in the conservation efforts of the Javan Langur and other wildlife species.

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