ProFauna Announces “Ride for Borneo 2014”

Following the big success of "Ride for Orangutan 2013" across Sumatra last year, ProFauna Indonesia announces a new program called "Ride for Borneo 2014". This campaign conducted by ProFauna and the International Primate Protection League (IPPL) is supported by Husqvarna Motorcycle Indonesia, Eiger Adventure Gear, and Songa Adventure. ProFauna also published that three mass media will be its partners during the campaign tour, namely NET TV,, and Bumi Hijau TV. These media had stated their interest, but the final confirmation has not been made yet.

As in the Ride for Orangutan 2013, in this coming campaign ProFauna's activists will ride motor bikes along the route where they plan to hold  campaigns about forest and orangutan conservation in Borneo. The four campaigners will ride Huqvarna's bikes for more than one month, three of whom were in the 2013 campaign tour across Sumatra, from Lampung to Aceh.

Made Astuti, the only lady-rider in the Ride for Borneo 2014 who is going to ride the Huqvarna TE 250, said "We are very excited and really looking forward to the coming campaign because the conservation mission is very strong and we will be riding sturdy bikes to go along the offroad route of Bornean forests." Made, who was also in the Ride for Orangutan 2013 rider team, added "We hope that the Ride for Borneo 2014 could increase people's awareness, particularly the youngsters', towards the urgency to conserve Bornean Orangutan and forests."

Stay tune to our website to follow the updates about the "Ride for Borneo 2014"!

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