Observing the Javan Langurs at Muara Gembong

PROFAUNA's activists went to Muara Gembong to observe the wild animals inhabiting Muara Bendera mangroves, in Bekasi, West Java. This visit was paid after they conducted an education program on Thursday (1/9). A group of Javan Langurs, consisting of 40 individuals or so, caught their attention right away because the group was only 100 meters away. In addition, other species were observed, including the Long-tailed Macaques, cranes, cormorants, and kingfishers.

"A group of Javan Langurs has been showing up in these mangroves, behind the fish market at Muara Bendera. That is fascinating because they could come very close to the fishermen's houses," said Dama, a local resident who has been working to protect the langurs at Muara Gembong.

The langurs are relatively easy to observe, according to Singgih Prayogo, PROFAUNA's supporter from Jakarta. It was the first time he ccould watch langurs from a short distance. "I have seen Javan Langurs in Baderan, East Java. But not this close!" said him excitedly.

Dama explain further that the langurs never disturb the neighborhood. Instead, right now Dama is worried that people with bad intentions would come to Muara Gembong to hunt the Langurs. "Usually they hunt birds, but I guess they would shoot langurs too, if they had a chance."

His other concern is that some local people use to disturb the langurs. Sometimes children would light fireworks, throw stones, or shoot airguns towards the mangroves. He hope that somebody could educate the children about langur protection.

Nadya Andriani, PROFAUNA's supporter from Bandung, expressed her amazement upon seeing the diversity in Muara Gembong.

"I am so stoked to see lots of langurs and macaques living in their natural habitat, they seem so happy. So different from the ones I have seen in zoos or monkey dancing attractions, I guess they are miserable for being abused," said Nadya.

The Javan Langurs in Muara Gembong should be given serious attention, and PROFAUNA Indonesia wishes that there will be more programs dirested at protecting these primates. 

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