Netizen Condemn Clearing of Orangutan Habitat in East Kutai, Borneo

A recent video showing habitat of Bornean Orangutan being cleared for oil palm plantation published by protection of Forest & fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia in their Facebook fan page on 28 October 2016 sparked mixed comments from the netizen. Most of them condemned the land clearing and felt sorry for the Orangutan.

The forest area was cleared by PT NAS, a palm oil company. It is a shame that the area is adjacent to an indigenous forest administered by the customary institution of Dayak Wehea.

In the video, we can see a bulldozer cutting down trees while an Orangutan was hanging on a branch. The horror-stricken Orangutan fearfully escaped the machine, but a hound appeared and ran after the poor ape. 

Watch the full video here: 

Here are some comments we received on the video titled "Orangutan vs Palm Oil":

Dyah Prabaningrum: Who said that "Whoever obstructs oil palm expansion will get bulldozed?" Here is the fact, awfully cruel.

Mbah Gito: Wipe out those illegal loggers who destroy our forest! The nature is sick of their greed

Kandi Sofia:  Why does this keep happening?? Why the government never educated people about how precious Orangutans are, just like the Pandas in China?? They can bring good load of money for the country

Diana:  It's all caused by money and our greed. Authorities can be easily bribed, and laymen would not reject it either.

Ace:  Save your breath because money beats everything. Even God cannot alter this condition! You want to help? Do not use palm oil products like frying oil, soap, shampoo, margarine, you name it.

Zaxzax:  The loud noise if that chainsaw and other tools will of course scare animals. The land is now bare, no beneficial plants remain. Animals lost their home and food. We all need a good forest with its animals and plants.

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