Local Couple Delivered Sea Turtle Eggs to Sea Turtle Conservation Program at Airkuning Beach

A couple from Banjar Telepud, Delod Berawah village, Jembrana regency, Bali, voluntarily submitted 83 sea turtle eggs to Air Kuning sea turtle conservation program on 19 March 2014. Segara Urip group, who works under ProFauna's assistance was very glad to receive the eggs, which were then planted at the hatchery facility at Air Kuning beach. According to the couple, they found the eggs at Delod Berawah beach, not far from Air Kuning

"The good will of this couple to hand over the eggs to Segara Urip is a very creditable act and must be encouraged because until today some people of Jembrana still do eggs poaching to be sold to dealers for some money," said Bayu Sandi, ProFauna's campaign officer. Not only conserving sea turtles at Air Kuning beach, ProFauna and Segara Urip also run educational activities about the conservation of sea turtle and its body parts (including the eggs) for local people living along the shores of Jembrana. "Buying sea turtle eggs from local people, even if it is done for conservational reason, is clearly unrighteous. It breaks the law, and is a bad example for the others, because all sea turtle species are protected," concluded Bayu Sandi.

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