Join PROFAUNA's Volunteer Program in Bali: Preserving Village Springs and Forests

Would you like to experience an unforgettable adventure on the paradise island of Bali while making a positive impact on nature and local communities? PROFAUNA's Volunteer Program in Bali is the perfect opportunity for you to explore Bali's natural beauty while contributing to the preservation of village springs and forests.

PROFAUNA, a conservation organization known for its 29 years of dedication to forest and wildlife conservation, invites you to join a volunteer program that combines nature conservation with local community empowerment in Pedawa Village, Bali.

Pedawa, an Indigenous Village that Cares for Nature

Pedawa Village is located in Buleleng Regency which is known for its many lakes and forests. Pedawa Village is one of the traditional villages in Bali believing that they are obliged to preserve the springs and village forests. This spring, besides being used for daily purposes, also has an important role in traditional ceremonies that require using water from several springs.

How Will You Make an Impact?

As a volunteer, you will help in guarding the springs, caring the trees surrounding the springs, forest care, nature education to children, bird watching and various activities that adjust to the needs in the field. By volunteering, you will also help improve the economy of the local community because you will live in the homes of villagers and eat traditional food served by the community.

By volunteering in Pedawa Village, you also help in the activities of local environmental groups in this beautiful village.

Volunteer Requirements:
  • 18 years old and above
  • Ready to volunteer in the forests and have an adventurous personality
  • Join volunteer program for 1 week (7 days, 6 nights)
  • Volunteer investment fee of 490 USD
Volunteer Facilities:

Payment/ investment of volunteer fees is included in the facilities we provide below:

  1. Lodging in the villagers' houses for 6 nights 7 days. In one room a maximum of 1-2 people occupation. There is no AC/fan but the air is very cool because it is located in the mountains. Bathrooms are shared with sitting and squatting toilet models subject to availability.
  2. 3 meals a day. The dishes served are mostly Balinese specialties to allow you to feel life like the local community. Other food can also be provided occasionally for breakfast such as fresh fruits, bread, and eggs.
  3. Volunteer pick-up from pick-up point in Denpasar and return delivery to drop point in Denpasar by car
  4. Motorcycle transportation with experienced drivers during activities at the volunteer workplace.
  5. PROFAUNA T-Shirt to be worn several times during activities.
  6. Certificate of International Volunteer Service
Volunteer Key Activities:
  • Tree and spring water care
  • Forest rehabilitation
  • Forest monitoring and bird watching with PROFAUNA team
  • Education about nature conservation and English lessons to village children
  • Helping the work of local communities such as palm sugar, durian, and honey farmers

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