The Chopped Down Forest Trees in Southern Malang Have Regrown

Referring to the case of illegal logging in the protected forest in Sendiki, Malang Regency which was revealed by PROFAUNA Indonesia in June 2020, there were five (5) motorbikes caught carrying logs from the illegal logging in the protected forest. Some of the perpetrators have been arrested by the Law Enforcement team of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (locally abbreviated as, KLHK) and are currently undergoing legal proceedings.

Please go to the link for the case: Looting in the Sendiki Forest

After almost three months since the disclosure of the illegal logging, the PROFAUNA Indonesia team, led by Rosek Nursahid, visited the encroached forest. During the visit in September 2020, the team was very happy because it turned out that the forest trees that had been cut down were starting to regrow.

Please go to the link to watch the video of the regrown forest trees: Regrown Forest Trees

The regrowth of the chopped trees strengthens the theory that the best forest rehabilitation is to allow the trees to regrow naturally, without human intervention.

"If the forest trees that have been cut down are left unattended and alone, usually the trees will grow back naturally, as long as there is no more deforestation," said Gianto, a member of the PROFAUNA Indonesia field team.

PROFAUNA and its partners continue to regularly monitor the forests in Southern Malang, including those that have been looted. PROFAUNA collaborates with the local communities to take part in forest protection, so that there is no more illegal logging.

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