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Turtle Foundation Grants Speedboat for Sea Patrol

The alarming poaching rate of sea turtle eggs in several islands within conservation areas is getting serious attention from many parties, since these islands are used as nesting sites by the Green Turtle

What a Vet Says about Keeping Owls at Home

Owls, naturally nocturnal (active at night), are being increasingly popular as pets and attractions in tourist destinations and car free day areas.

Birdwatching Training for Rangers of Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve

PROFAUNA Indonesia held a short training on birdwatching for rangers stationed at Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve

Ternate Police Thwarted Smuggling Attempt of 120 Parrots

Police Department, in North Maluku, thwarted a smuggling attempt of 120 parrots in Ahmad Yani Seaport, Saturday

Here’s How to Drive Away Monkeys in Mt. Arjuno without Killing Them

When forests of Mt. Arjuno, East Java, got converted for farming, conflict began to arise between farmers and Long-tailed Macaques (Macaca fascicularis). 

Now is Young People’s Turn to Tackle Widllife Trade

JAVA - PROFAUNA Indonesia's West Java representatives engaged the youngsters of Cirebon to take an active role in combating wildlife trade


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