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Introducing Forest Conservation to Children through Games

Activists of the Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia engaged students of SD Baitul Makmur (elementary school) in a game about forest and water conservation.

Netizen Condemn Clearing of Orangutan Habitat in East Kutai, Borneo

A recent video showing habitat of Bornean Orangutan being cleared for oil palm plantation published by PROFAUNA Indonesia in their Facebook fan page on 28 October 2016 sparked mixed comments from the netizen

This Week in Action: Sea Patrol to Forestall Fish-bombing and Turtle Sea Eggs Poaching

A joint team consisting of Biduk-biduk Police, PROFAUNA Borneo went on a patrol to forestall fish-bombing and sea turtle eggs poaching in the waters of Berau 

Sea Turtle Conservation Education in the Coast of Berau

PROFAUNA Borneo and Berau Marine Affairs and Fisheries Service have been busy visiting schools in the coast of Berau to educate students about sea turtle conservation.

Fight against Tiger Trafficking: Three Dealers Arrested in Jambi

The fight against tiger trafficking is still on. Authorities are working hard to stop poaching and trade of the Sumatran Tiger

Pangolin in Perils: Heinous Myth and Threats

The largest wildlife trafficking involving pangolins took place in 2008 in Palembang, South Sumatera, where the authority seized 14 tons of frozen pangolins from a warehouse. The raid was suspected to be closely connected to other smuggling attempts foiled during that time in Vietnam, as local authorities believed that the pangolins came from Indonesia.


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