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BRI Life Helps Farmers Restore Forests in Southern Malang

The assistance from BRI Life was in the form of 550 tree seedlings of avocado, mango, mangosteen and petai (bitter bean) which planting ceremony was held on Tuesday 

Preventing Bird Extinction, Large Bird Nets installed in Arjuna Mountainside Forest were Exterminated

More than 20 knots on the tree trunks used to install bird nets to trap the birds were destroyed by cutting them into small pieces, so they could no longer be used.

Planting Hundreds of Banyans Trees to Restore Pucung Mountain as a Protection Forest

Various components of the community were moved to restore the function of the protected forests in Mount Pucung, Batu City, East Java by planting hundreds of banyan species tree seedlings (Ficus sp)

"Forests of the Future" Program, Synergizing Ecological and Economic Interests Forest Management

The main goal of the "Forests of the Future" program is to invite local communities such as forest farmers to rehabilitate the damaged forests by planting fruit trees. Thus, farmers will benefit economically from harvesting their fruit crops, while the tree stands will have ecological functions which roots would hold the soil together to prevent landslide and flooding.

7 Institutions Collaboratively Curb the Wildlife Hunting on the Slopes of Mount Arjuna

Seven institutions came together to collaborate to curb the wildlife hunting or poaching in the forest areas of the slopes of Mount Arjuna, Malang Regency, East Java. The collaboration and mutual concern as a first step manifested in the form of the installation of an information board banning animal hunting placed in the UB Forest 

Throughout 2021, PROFAUNA found 80 bird, 11 mammal and 5 reptile species on Sempu Island

Throughout 2021, the team of BBKSDA and PROFAUNA Indonesia recorded 80 bird, 11 mammal and 5 reptile species in Sempu Island Nature Reserve


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