Supporters from All Over Indonesia in ProFauna Conference 2011

Supporters from All Over Indonesia in ProFauna Conference 2011ProFauna supporters from different regions in Indonesia were excited to attend the biennial meeting called ProFauna Conference. In the meeting held from 3rd to 5th June 2011 in Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) Malang, East Java, 100 participants followed the event which took "From the Ocean to the Jungle" as the theme. They came from Maluku, Medan, Kalimantan, Bali, Madura, Sulawesi, Java and also overseas, Japan and Australia.

ProFauna Conference is a meeting for ProFauna supporters to share information about various issues concerning the wildlife and forest conservation. In accordance with the theme of ProFauna conference 2011, "From the Ocean to the Jungle", the topics presented included the conservation works from sea turtle, orangutans, parrots, eco-tourism, to forest as the habitat of the wildlife. The keynote speakers include Ian Singleton with the rehabilitation of the Sumatran orangutans, Djuna Ivereigh with the conservation though bird-watching and tourism, Joe Yaggi with forest conservation through documentary film, Kiai (Islamic Cleric) Azizi Abdullah with the Islamic perspective of wildlife conservation, Rosek Nursahid (Chairman of ProFauna Indonesia) with the history and philosophy of ProFauna Indonesia and many more. Joe Yaggi from Jungle Run Production who is also a member of ProFauna Advisory Board gave a conservation film-making workshop for the participants.

The event which was held with the funding only from the supporters" registration fees and donations went very well. All participants were grateful to gain more knowledge about wildlife and forest conservation directly from the experts as they have been motivated to save wildlife and forest in their own regions.

Thanks to Supporters ProFauna who have attended ProFauna Conference 2011! Thanks to the speakers and other Supporters who have contributed for the event, see you in ProFauna Conference 2013!

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