Officially launched: ProFauna Supporter Sidoarjo Chapter

Logo Supporter ProFauna Chapter SidoarjoProFauna Supporter is ProFauna local volunteers who have helped the organization running its works. Since 7 February 2012, ProFauna Indonesia Headquarters has officially launched ProFauna Supporter - Sidoarjo Chapter. Sidoarjo is a city closed to Surabaya, East Java. ProFauna Supporter - Sidoarjo Chapter will accommodate the local volunteers who live in Siodarjo and the nearby areas to help ProFauna and its conservation activities. Sidoarjo Chapter was initiated by a couple of ProFauna Supporter s named Zamroni (goes by one name) and his wife, Ida Nurmala.

After its establishment, Sidoarjo Chapter took real action for wildlife conservation immediately. Zamroni and Nurmala were involved in the handling of the escaped long-tailed macaques that attacked some people. Apart from that, Sidoarjo Chapter has set an agenda of regular nature education for school children. Sidoarjo Chapter will engage more ProFauna Supporter to take action and help ProFauna to save wildlife and the habitats.

Congratulation on the establishment of ProFauna Supporter - Sidoarjo Chapter!

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