ProFauna's Supporters Gingered up Surabaya's Car Free Day

ProFauna's Supporters Gingered up Surabaya's Car Free DayTens of ProFauna's supporters held a campaign to encourage people to be more aware of wildlife protection in Surabaya's weekly car free day (9/6/2013). They carried some posters saying 'jangan beli satwa liar' ('do not buy wildlife') and 'selamatkan hutan kita' ('save our forests'). That action coordinated by ProFauna's Supporters Surabaya Chapter drew the car free day visitor's attention, including some journalists who happened to be around looking for something interesting like our campaign.

Irawan Rony, the coordinator of Surabaya Chapter, said "We are glad that this campaign is well responded by the society. In the future, ProFauna would hold more campaign in Surabaya because this is the largest and also the capital city of East Java. So, it is very important to raise people's awareness towards protecting Indonesia's wildlife."The success would be impossible without the support from ProFauna's supporters of Sidoarjo Chapter; 20 of whom came to Surabaya only to help out on the campaign.

Thank you very much for ProFauna's supporters from Surabaya and Sidoarjo Chapter!

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