ProFauna's Supporters from Sidoarjo Chapter Observed Wildlife in Lemongan Mountain

ProFauna's Supporters from Sidoarjo Chapter Observed Wildlife in Lemongan MountainProFauna's Supporters from Sidoarjo Chapter went wild animal watching around Ranu Klakah, by the foot of Lemongan Mountain, Lumajang. The event themed "Environmental Learning Days 2013" lasted for 3 days from 24-26 May 2013. Armed with fieldguides, binoculars, and blocknotes the activists who mostly are students took notes of wildlife they encountered there such as Chinese Sparrowhawk, Sunbirds, Bulbuls, Prinias, Civets, Woodpeckers, Doves, Orioles, Jackals, and many more.

According to the local people, sometimes they can still find tigers, monkeys, deer, Bald Eagle, and Black Eagle around. Even several kinds of dragonflies can be easily seen there. "This event is aimed to enhance the young generation's awareness towards the preservation of nature in Indonesia. Every person is responsible for the perpetuity of the nature God has created," said Zamroni, the coordinator of Sidoarjo Chapter.

It is inevitable that the existence of wildlife depends so much on the condition of the natural environment around. The area around Ranu Klakah is still in a good condition, pure, and unpolluted. Beside Ranu Klakah, there are 12 other lakes scattered by the foot of Lemongan Mountain, namely Ranu Pakis, Ranu Lading, Ranu Bedali and so on. The well-preserved green coverage around this mountain cannot be separated from the contribution of a local community named Laskar Hijau.

This community has 20 members, and was established by Abdullah Al Kudus (Aak) in 2009. According to Aak, who is also a supporter of ProFauna, the establishment of Laskar Hijau began from willpower to green the area surrounding Lemongan Mountain, in which in the year of 1997 still have 30 springs. In 2000 the number of springs dropped off into 6. (Ida Nurmala, ProFauna's Supporter from Sidoarjo).

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