Portrait Drawing for Fundraising to ProFauna

Portrait Drawing for Fundraising to ProFaunaA portrait drawing artist, Yuswadi Wibowo, does fundraising to ProFauna and its wildlife conservation works. Wibowo will draw your portrait where you can donate a minimum of 20,000 IDR (2 USD, 1 USD = 10,000) that will go entirely to ProFauna. You can simply send your digital portrait photograph to Wibowo's email below. The portrait drawing will be in A4 size paper and pencil.

Portrait Drawing for Fundraising to ProFaunaThe artist who goes by Pakde Yoes (Uncle Yoes) is a ProFauna Supporter (local volunteer) from Sidoarjo City and known as a portrait and landscape artist. As a realistic artist, Pakde Yoes has held several exhibitions and donated the selling of his sketches for charity.

If you would like to help ProFauna and want to get your portrait sketched, with a minimum of donation of 20,000 IDR please contact Pakde Yoes +6281230036366 or email yoes.wibowo@yahoo.com.

Send your donation (in Indonesia Rupiah) to the following account:

Account name: ProFauna Indonesia
Bank Name: Bank Central Asia
Account Number: 0113125273

Please write down "Portrait Sketch Donation" at the message for beneficiary.

For more information about ProFauna's activities to save wildlife and forests in Indonesia, please go to: ProFauna Indonesia

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