Help ProFauna, Buy These Fancy Mugs!

Help ProFauna, Buy These Fancy Mugs!

In December 2012, ProFauna will celebrate its 18th birthday. Since the establishment in 1994, ProFauna has been working on the protection of wildlife and their habitats. ProFauna's works have been supported by the help of the (local) volunteers called ProFauna Supporters all over Indonesia.

This 23 December 2012, ProFauna Supporters in East Java will voluntarily organize ProFauna's 18th birthday party. Some of them have joined the committee to hold the celebration in ProFauna's education center called Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC).

Holding the event, the committee has produced fancy mugs as fundraisers. They sell two limited mugs for a minimum donation of 30,000 IDR for the white mugs and of 50,000 IDR for the colour ones.

We invite all ProFauna Supporters to come and celebrate the 18th birthday party. But, if you might not be able to attend the birthday party, you could help the committee by buying the mugs.

If you would like to buy, please contact: Didik Wahyudi (085649919880) or Asti (08563693611).

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