Glorious 18th Anniversary Party of ProFauna Indonesia

One spirit, ProFauna!

ProFauna's local volunteers, called ProFauna Supporters, in East Java had a glorious 18th anniversary party of the organisation which was celebrated last 23rd December 2012. More than 100 activists crowded the parking lot of Kijang (barking deer) Meeting Hall of Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) where the party took place. They had fun enjoying the performances presented by some ProFauna Supporters from traditional dance, songs, poetry readings, Javanese song, martial art, rock band, to stunning simulation of Green Warrior team performing brave demonstration.

It was a special party because it was fully organized and funded by ProFauna Supporters. They did fundraising by selling limited edition picture mugs. The mug selling was successful because more than 40 supporters bought the mugs and gave more money than the selling price.

Besides donating money from the mug selling, ProFauna Supporters also donated other things like rices, coffee, tea, cakes, and also lent band set. Pakde Yoes, a supporter from Sidoarjo City, East Java who was an artist, donated three wildlife paintings for auction. The auction managed to raise 2.5 millions Indonesia Rupiah for ProFauna to save wildlife and the habitats in Indonesia.

The anniversary party was not only attended by ProFauna Supporters from East Java, some Supporters from other regions like Jakarta, Bandung, Purwokerto, Yogyakarta, Bali, and North Maluku also came to celebrate. Everybody enjoyed the moment because they were thankful and proud of ProFauna's working for the protection of wildlife and the habitats for 18 years. The party was also encouraged the Supporters to keep helping and supporting ProFauna.

ProFauna Indonesia would like to thank the following Supporters for making ProFauna 18th anniversary party happen:

  • Didik Wahyudi and all the committee members for organizing the event.
  • Nyomi Basuki for preparing the band set and inviting the rock group.
  • Pakde Yoes for the art donation.
  • Daniel Stephanus, Supandi, and Nyomi Basuki for buying the art auction.
  • Dwi Petrus, for donating the cake.
  • Chapter Sidoarjo of ProFauna Supporter.
  • Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC).
  • ProFauna Supporters all over Indonesia for buying the mugs.
  • All ProFauna Supporters attending the anniversary party.
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