Capacity Building of Wildlife and Forest Protection Campaign for Supporters of ProFauna Indonesia in Sempu Island

Capacity Building of Wildlife and Forest Protection Campaign for Supporters of ProFauna Indonesia in Sempu IslandFor three days (17 to 19 May 2012), Sempu Island in Malang Regency had become the location of the capacity building of wildlife and forest protection campaign for Supporters of ProFauna Indonesia (the name of ProFauna's local activists and volunteers). In the event called ProFauna Camp 2012; supporters from some regions in Indonesia like Jakarta, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Malang, Banjarmasin, Palopo - Sulawesi, and Bogor; participated. They came from various backgrounds: high school students, university students, teachers, lecturers, NGO activists, artists, businessmen, and government officers.

In ProFauna Camp 2012 which was located in the midst of Sempu Island jungle, Supporters of ProFauna Indonesia were trained on the management of forest and wildlife protection campaign. The training was delivered in games and adventures in the island which is also one of the Nature Reserves in Indonesia. The materials given in the event also included principles of animal welfare, forest conservation, and nature ethics.

All of the participants were excited to follow the agendas from early in the morning till midnight. After receiving theories, they were asked to practice out what they had learned. Some of the participants admitted that it was their first time to stay over in the jungle and they were amazed by the beauty of the nature in Sempu Island. Moreover, they had the chance to witness a wild python as big as a human thigh in the natural habitat.

The biennial event is intended not only to show the biodiversity of Indonesian forests but also to build the participants' capacity in attitude and ethics towards the nature. During the three-day training, the participants faced some challenges for team-building capacity as well. Fita, one of the participants from Sulawesi stated, "ProFauna Camp is really great because it is held in the wild. We did enjoy and learned the materials well".

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