About Ride for Orangutan

Orangutan Sumatra (Pongo abelii)

Ride for Orangutan (RFO) campaign was carried out by ProFauna Indonesia's activists, who toured across Sumatra on dirtbikes. The team departed from Jakarta on 20 April 2013, and finished in Aceh, the northernmost part of Sumatra on 13 May 2013. Covered by numerous mass media, the send-off in Jakarta was attended by ProFauna's supporters from around Jakarta and Slank -Indonesia's biggest rock band.

During the one-month campaign, RFO team stopped by several cities to conduct programs like:

  • Educational visits to schools/campuses
  • Public campaign: unique, non-violent, and attractive demonstrations in public places
  • Visits to natural habitats of orangutans
  • Visits to orangutan rehabilitation and quarantine center

On the schools and campuses visits, ProFauna played orangutan conservation movies, distributed leaflets, and had discussions. This activity is aimed to raise young generation's understanding and awareness on the importance of orangutans and forests pretection.all of the schools and campuses warmly welcomed the team's arrival.

Non-violent demonstrations in public places were conducted in attractive and unique methods such as wearing orangutan costumes. The campaigns in Sumatra's big cities also involved local people like the members of automotive communities, dirtbike communities, students, Slankers (Slank's fans), and also local NGOs.

ProFauna's team also visited the natural habitats of orangutans, as well as their rehabilitation center. Before coming there, ProFauna did some fundraising by selling t-shirts; the profit was later donated to the Sumatran orangutan quarantine center in Sibolangit, which is ran by SOCP.

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