Southeast Aceh’s Police Chief Officer Greet Ride for Orangutan Team

Southeast Aceh's Chief Police OfficerSoutheast Aceh's Police Chief Officer greet Ride for Orangutan (RFO) team on their way back from Ketambe, Leuser National Park, Disctrict of Souteast Aceh (11/5/2013). On the previous day, the team was lucky to see two wild orangutans in Leuser National Park after trekking through hilly forest of Leuser Mountain. That was a worthwhile walk, for it was such a magnificent experience to see wild orangutans up on the forest canopy. The orangutans looked happy and feel at home.

After watching the orangutans in Ketambe, Leuser Mountain, the team was invited by the Chief Officer. In his office, he declared his support for ProFauna's orangutan conservation campaign. The chief, who has been in charge for Southeast Aceh for 1,5 years, said "We are committed to protect the wildlife in Southeast Aceh, particularly the critically endangered orangutans." The meeting was also attended by the other police officers in the office, and many of them took turns to take pictures with the RFO dirtbikes on the background!

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