Ride for Orangutan Campaign Successfully Embraced Public Participation

Ride for Orangutan Campaign Successfully Embraced Public ParticipationRide for Orangutan (RFO) campaign conducted by ProFauna Indonesia in April-May 2013 had successfully accomplished. The campaign tour across Sumatra on dirtbikes from Jakarta to Aceh got covered by numerous mass media, but the real hit is the active participation from the people supporting this campaign. Our supporters give their partaking in forms of donation, education, and direct involvement in the campaign.

The participants were of various backgrounds such as students, teachers, professors, artists, automotive communities, fans of Slank, local authorities, policemen, and local NGOs in Sumatra. The coming of RFO team was always warmly greeted in every city, even some city mayors and police chiefs invited the team to their place. In several chances even the team were escorted by motorbikes convoy who later also jazzed up ProFauna's public campaigns.

Ride for Orangutan Campaign Successfully Embraced Public ParticipationOne of the most important parts of this campaign is ProFauna Indonesia's supporters. Around 50% of this campaign's funding, either money or goods, came from our unswerving supporters in Malang, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Jakarta, Bandung, Palopo Sulawesi, Medan, Denpasar Bali, Bogor, and many more.

The involvement of Slank, the biggest rock band in Indonesia, in RFO also boosted up the campaign. Slank's fans, known as Slankers, join the campaigns en masse in their cities.this became an interesting education opportunity for lay people because ProFauna was able to mingle with all walks of life.

Ride for Orangutan Campaign Successfully Embraced Public ParticipationThe vast support from the public was very exhilarating; more than 50 different groups were involved during the RFO. ProFauna Indonesia's chairperson, Rosek Nursahid, said "ProFauna is very grateful with this heaps of supports from many groups, as well as Profauna's supporters. This is clearly a good move for the conservation of Indonesian wildlife, which can only run well with the active partaking of Indonesian people."

During the campaign, RFO team directly interacted with various groups in the society, mostly with the youngsters. After had discussions with ProFauna, many of them became interested in doing campaigns to save wildlife in Sumatra.

Ride for Orangutan 2013 campaign was supported by:

  • Tokobagus.com
  • International Primate Protection League (IPPL)
  • Supporter ProFauna Indonesia
  • Pulau Biru Production
  • Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP)
  • Yayasan Ekosistem Lestari (YEL)
  • PPLH Bohorok
  • Suara-alam.com
  • Rossy MX Purwokerto
  • Indonesian Dirt Bike
  • Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC)
  • MNC TV
  • MD entertainment
  • Cardios Laundry
  • Tribal Lampung Dirtbikes Community
  • Tribal Way Kanan Dirtbikes Community
  • Slank Fans Club (SFC) Bandarlampung
  • SFC Palembang
  • SFC Padang
  • SFC Medan
  • District of Way Kanan's Local Authorities
  • Chief Police Officer of Southeast Aceh
  • Classer Lampung
  • Blaster (Bandar Lampung Supra Team Rider)
  • Honda Revo Club Lampung
  • Honda Vario Club Lampung
  • Brother's Lampung Community
  • Forestry Department students, Universitas Lampung
  • KTripal Palembang Dirtbikes Community
  • Honda Scoopy Community Palembang
  • Yamaha Sayap Community Palembang
  • SDN 222 Palembang
  • Pulsar Motorbikes Community Jakarta
  • Tourism Service, District of Tobasa
  • Tobasa Motorbikes Community
  • Komunitas Generasi Hijau Jambi
  • SMA 5 Kota Jambi
  • Papala Katista
  • Pentagrow
  • Papalistik Edelwis
  • Appela Cantigi
  • Wapepala Harimau Gunung
  • Gempita Spultura
  • Pebala Argawana
  • SMA Al Falah Jambi
  • SMK Yayasan Soposurung, Toba Samosir
  • SMPN 2 Sibolangit, Sumatera Utara
  • Tabloid Motorplus
  • Bikers Magazine
  • Helm KYT Surabaya
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