ProFauna West Java Celebrates Indonesian Primate Day, BANDUNG-ProFauna West Java, a community who is concerned about the environment and wildlife, celebrated the Indonesian Primate Day on 30 January 2014 by having a public campaign to express their care for primates.

Located in Cikapayang Park, the members of this community together with other concerned people displayed banners containing photos of various primates.

In addition, they also distribute flyers and stickers to the passer-by so that the information and concern about the Indonesian primates could be widespread.

This years' Indonesian Primate Day is celebrated in at least 25 cities, and is expected to become a moment to encourage the people of Indonesia to contribute to the conservation of the primates, particularly to take part in curbing illegal primate trades.

More than 95% of the traded primates are captured from the wild. The capture is often very cruel so that many of the primates die in the process.

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