Press Release: Flood Hit Kapuas, ProFauna Urges the Government Anull Logging Permit

(08/25/2010) The flood hitting Putussibau region of Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan on 23 August 2010 proves to be the impact of the government's poor policy on natural rescources management. Most forest use and conversion are taken over by the government where local people are put aside.

A logging company, PT. Toras Banua Sukses has received a renewal permit to operate in Kapuas forest which threats the habitats and survival of some endangered wildlife including: Orang utans, proboscis monkeys, and sun bears, and also causes disputes to the local tribal people who depend their livelihood on the forest. For these reasons, ProFauna is campaigning against the operation and urging the government to stop the deforestation.

The flood is strongly believed due to the deforestation in Kapuas forest done by PT. Toras Banua Sukses. ProFauna Forest Campaign Officer, Radius Nursidi, stated, "If forest clearance keeps happening in Kapuas, it will lead more disasters which destroy the local people." Without doubt, the locals are against the logging and deforestation by PT Toras Banua Sukses.

Therefore, ProFauna urges the government to anull the logging permit of the company to operate in Kapuas forest. The invalidation will stop the deforestation and prevent other disasters caused by it as well as give security to the locals and privilige to cultivate the forest by local wisdom.

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