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Mt. Kelud Erupts, ProFauna Send Animal Rescue Team

In the morning right after the mountain erupted, ProFauna's team headed to the location to rescue the animals. Not only wild animals, but cattle and pets also suffer from the impacts of the volcanic eruption

Press Release: Online Wildlife Trade is Still Raging in Indonesia

Entering the year of 2014, online illegal wildlife trade is apparently still raging. ProFauna Indonesia notices that in January 2014 only, there were at least 220 advertisements offering protected wildlife species and body parts in Kaskus 

ProFauna Demands Trans7’s “Berburu” TV Show Cancelled

ProFauna Indonesia demands Trans7 (a private Tv channel) to cancel its "Berburu" ["Hunting"] which is considered to be violating conservation ethics due to its exploitative acts

ProFauna in News: Activist Slams Killing of Endangered Javan Leopard

The population of the Javan leopard in Bromo Tengger Semeru national park is estimated to be less than 10 due to persistent illegal hunting and habitat destruction, an environmentalist has said.

Slank Supports ProFauna

Slank, the largest rock band in Indonesia, declared their support for ProFauna's efforts for the conservation of wildlife and habitats in Indonesia.

Say No to Wildlife Trade!

A wildlife conservation organization, ProFauna Indonesia, claimed that around 95 percent of animals kept by people were captured from the wild


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