Slank Supports ProFauna

Slank, the largest rock band in Indonesia, declared their support for ProFauna's efforts for the conservation of wildlife and habitats in Indonesia. They made it public before journalists at Petungsewu Wildlife Educaton Center (P-WEC), Malang regency, on Monday (28/10/2013). Kaka, the vocalist, said "After years of being so close with ProFauna, Slank has come to a better understanding of Indonesia's environmental problems. This is then what motivates us to totally support ProFauna's total actions."

Bimbim, the drummer as well as the founder of Slank, added "Slank knew ProFauna for the first time in 2002, and we got close right away like old friends because we share the same worries and concern towards the nature of our beloved country." When the journalists asked why Slank supports ProFauna, he said "ProFauna has been very consistent and firm in their efforts to protect the wildlife of Indonesia, that's what makes us consistent too in supporting ProFauna."

During the press conference, Slank and ProFauna also share their plan on having a benefit concert for Indonesia's wildlife conservation. The chairman of ProFauna Indonesia, Rosek Nursahid, claimed "Slank and ProFauna will have a benefit concert in 2014,, and now we are working on the sponsorships. We hope that the concert could be a milestone of Indonesian people's awareness towards the conservation of threatened wildlife and forest." 

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