ProFauna Bali Protests Against Wildlife Delicacies

ProFauna Bali Protests Against Wildlife DelicaciesDozens of ProFauna Bali's activists protested some restaurants in Indonesia for selling wildlife dishes on their menus. The protest was staged by the activists by smearing fake blood on their heads and upper bodies to symbolize the animal cruelties behind the process of serving wildlife delicacies. The campaign took place on Wednesday; 11th July 2012; in Puputan Badung field, Denpasar - Bali.

Coordinator of ProFauna Bali; Jatmiko Wiwoho; stated that according to the organization survey, it revealed that the consumption of wildlife meat as delicacies was worrying. Wiwoho added that wildlife being consumed included the meat of the long-tailed macaque, pangolin, sea turtle, langur, monitor lizard, and porcupine. "They are just the tip of the iceberg. We believe that there are more restaurants selling wildlife delicacies on their menus," he said.

Wildlife delicacies served on the restaurants have become a conservation problem because the wildlife are allegedly suspected to be wild-caught. If the wildlife poaching from the natural habitats keep going on without strict enforcement, local extinction of a species could likely happen. Furthermore, the population of the wildlife being poached in the natural habitats are not well recorded and updated. It is obvious that consuming wildlife is unethical because in the animals are inhumanely poached and slaughtered.

In order to stop the illegal trade of wildlife delicacies, ProFauna invites the public/ consumers to stop buying them because Indonesia has many delicious and nutritious dishes without killing wildlife that are getting rarer in the natural habitats, and to support conservation.

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