ProFauna Activists Campaigning for Forest and Wildlife Protection by the Semeru Volcano

ProFauna Activists Campaigning for Forest and Wildlife Protection by the Semeru

Twenty-five activists of ProFauna Indonesia held campaign of forest and wildlife conservation on the foothills of Semeru Volcano on 2nd October 2011. The campaign which was located on the rural area of Wonokerto - a village adjacent to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, was intended to raise awareness of the local people to get actively involved in forest conservation because most of the locals still depended their livelihood on the forest. The community outreach also tried to prevent wildlife poaching there.

ProFauna's arrival was welcomed by a traditional dance presented by the locals showing that as an effective grass root organisation, ProFauna works very closely with the local communities. The main agenda of in the evening was the conservation film screening. ProFauna's activists brought and set a wide screen to accommodate more than 100 villagers. The conservation movie was played during a break of a two-hour popular movie in order to get the locals' attention while giving them free entertainment.

On the next day, ProFauna activists together with representatives of the local people went into the forest to monitor the latest condition of the forest in the National Park. Unfortunately, the group found that illegal logging still took place there because the forest became the natural habitat of some endangered animals like the leopards and the Javan Hawk-eagles. Back in 1998, ProFauna recorded that the forest also became the haven for thousands of migrating raptors. Therefore, ProFauna will keep campaigning for forest and wildlife conservation to the local communities in other areas.

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