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Local People Took to the Streets to Protest Against Nickel Smelter

people of Wonorejo village staged a demonstration in front of Baluran National Park's entrance to protest the construction of a nickel smelter at their villag

Indonesia Loses Three Football Fields-Sized Forest Coverage per Minute

Indonesia is rapidly losing itf natural forest coverage. During 2009-2013 Indonesia has lost 4,6 million hectares of forest, or as large as West Sumatra province, and it is 7 times of Jakarta's size

Customary Institution of Wehea Nehas Liah Bing Partners with PROFAUNA to Protect Wehea Forest in East Borneo

The customary institution of Wehea Nehas Liah Bing just signed a partnership agreement with between them and Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA ) Indonesia in a forest protection program in East Borneo

PT NAS’s Land Clearing is Harming the Orangutan

Land clearing undergone by PT Nusantara Agro Sejahtera (NAS) in Wahau, East Borneo, is putting the survival of the Bornean Orangutan in great danger because the cleared land is adjacent to a conservation area

PROFAUNA Protests Against the Construction of a Nickel Smelter in a Land Adjacent to the Baluran National Park

Protection of Forest and Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia protests against the construction of a nickel smelter in a land adjacent to the Baluran National Park

Mammals Diversity at Wehea Protection Forest

As a relatively intact lowland tropical forest, Wehea protection forest in east Borneo, Indonesia owns a high wildlife diversity which is very typical


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