Forest Campaign

PROFAUNA Calls on the Public to Take Care of Indonesia’s Forest

PROFAUNA Indonesia called on the public to put more concern towards the state of ever-shrinking forest of Indonesiaa

Easy Steps to Help Protecting Indonesia’s Forest

Forest protection effort requires active participation from all walks of life, not only from people who live near the forests, the government, or concerned organization like PROFAUNA.

Educational Games and Movie for Village Children around Yang Wildlife Reserve

Ten activists of PROFAUNA mingled with the children and had some fun with them, who live in the closest village to Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve.

Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve, Home to Rare Wildlife Species

 Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve is an important habitat for many wildlife species, including several rare animals



Six Villages of Wehea Inaugurate 300,000-hectares Indigenous Forest in East Kutai

Customary institutions from six villages in Wehea, namely Nehas Liah Bing, Long Wehea, Jak Luay, Benhes, Dia Beq, and Diak Lay, inaugurated an indigenous forest on a 325,842-hectares land in East Kutai regency, East Borneo

Activist from Different Cities Talked Forest Conservation at P-WEC

Around 100 environmental activists from all across Indonesia gathered at Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC), Petungsewu village, Dau, Malang, to attend PROFAUNA Conference 2015 


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