What Can You Do? to Help Forest Conservation in Indonesia

Save Our Forest

There some simple tips you can do to help forest conservation in Indonesia:

  • Do't buy products destroying forests!

    You should pay attention carefully before buying some products like paper, cooking oil, cosmetics, furniture, etc. You should make sure that the products you buy do not contribute to the natural forests degradation. Consumers are king. You can choose the products which are environmentally friendly.

  • Don't litter cigarette butts!

    The history shows that many forests fire are caused by discarded cigarette butts. During dry season, a discarded cigarette butt can pose forest fire clearing thousand trees!

  • Be careful putting out campfire!

    If you are camping in the wild and making a campfire, you have to make sure to put it out before you leave.

  • Make your voices heard for forests!

    If you read an article in the printing media or watch news in television about forest degradation in Indonesia, make your voices heard by writing a reader's letter in the newspaper, sign a petition, send protest letter to the government, and join protest campaigns held by NGOs like ProFauna Indonesia. Share your information through online social networks like Facebook, twitter, etc

  • Be a Supporter of ProFauna Indonesia!

    If you care for wildlife and forests in Indonesia, join ProFauna Indonesia by becoming a Supporter of ProFauna Indonesia. Thousands people have become the Supporter of ProFauna Indonesia. Fore more information about Supporter of ProFauna

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