ProFauna’s Supporters Protect the Shore of Ternate

ProFauna's Supporter at Ternate Chapter was invited by the Forestry Agency of North Maluku province to take part in the tree planting event last Saturday (6/12/2013), at Sulamadaha beach, Ternate Island. In the event attended by many officials of Ternate, police department authorities, and the army, ProFauna's supporters mingled with all other participants in planting mangrove seedlings along the shore.

The mangrove restoration program was held by the Agriculture and Forestry Agency, in collaboration with the Central Management of Regional River Flow Ake Malamo, North Maluku. It was opened with a speech from the chief of the committee, M. Yusuf Watunglawar who is also a supporter of ProFauna. After the opening ceremony, all participants went right to the shore to plant the mangroves. In total, there were 276.000 seedlings planted on that day.

The coordinator of ProFauna's supporter at Ternate chapter, Ekawaty Ka'aba, said "ProFauna, as a conservation organization, will keep actively doing environment and wildlife conservation activities in North Maluku. That includes the programs of the government that are pertinent to ProFauna's mission."

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