Mathias Muchus Words for Indonesian Forests

Mathias Muchus

Indonesian forest degradation both in quantity and quality has moved a senior actor and recently a film director, Mathias Muchus, to get involved and take part in forest conservation campaign. Muchus who was awarded as the best leading actor in Indonesia's national film festival in 1988 has joined ProFauna and supported the organisation forest conservation campaign.

Mathias Muchus is well-known for his concerns of nature conservation. By joining ProFauna, Muchus wants to speak out forest conservation messages to Indonesian people. He stated, "Forests and humans are inseparable, dependeing towards each other. Without forest, humans will suffer. Humans should consider the forests as the life of the universe. "Muchus believes that forest degardation and dissappearance is the beginning of humans' lives destruction.

Mathias Muchus who directed a newly released film called "Rindu Purnama (Long for Full Moon)"added, "Forest is not only about trees and timber but also many other creatures like wildlife and small living things can't be seen by bare eyes."ProFauna and Mathias Muchus share a smilar view that the forest should be preserved as a whole ecosystem instead of being treated as merely timber resources.

Forest conservation requires active participation by all parties, including city people who live far away from the forests. There are many ways that city people can contribute to save the forest by saving paper. Muchus said, "Let's save the paper because it is made from wood in the forests."

Muchus also urged the people not to litter plastic and cigarette butt in the forest because plastic is very difficult to decompose naturally. "If we go to the forest and find any plastic waste or cigarette butt, we should take those garbage with us and keep in our pockets until we find a trash bin in the nearby village or town to be disposed,"Muchus added.

Muchus messages of forest conservation will be disseminated by ProFauna through its websites, leaflets, and posters so that the public will be aware of the importance of forest conservation and hopefully, the public will be actively involved in the movement. Apart from that, together with ProFauna, Muchus will visit schools to promote forest conservation to young generations. ProFauna believes that youth education of forest conservation is very important to the future of Indonesian forests.

Please spread the conservation messages of ProFauna and Mathias Muchus to your family, friends, and loved ones. It is for us to change and care for Indonesian forests for better life!

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Mathias Muchus' Words for Indonesian Forests

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