ProFauna Supports Tribal’s Anti-Illegal Logging Expedition in Sumatera

ProFauna Indonesia supports the expedition conducted by "Tribal" dirtbike community from Lampung, on 10-16 January 2014. The expedition route encompasses the forests in the provinces of Lampung, South Sumatera, and Bengkulu. It is not an ordinary trip, because it also carries social and conservational mission. This expedition involves a team from the provincial police force of Lampung, Bengkulu, and Brigif 3 Marine Corps will also do patrols to prevent illegal logging in the forests that they pass through.

Besides preventing illegal logging, the expedition participants will also observe protected wildlife species found during the trip. The secretary general of Tribal, Aris Suyono, said "This expedition is not a profit-oriented event, but more as a social and conservational activity."

Aris also added that the committee will provide sanitation equipment to make sure that the participants do not leave any garbage in the places we visit. The awareness not to litter is very basic and essential for the whole conservation effort."

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