Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia on 22 June 2015 received lots of reports from the public, concerning some gruesome pictures of primate killing assumed to be an orangutan posted on Facebook. The poor primate assumed to be an orangutan was killed, burned, and eaten. The pictures were posted by a Facebook account named Polo Panitia Hari Kiamat.

Orangutan is a protected species, and according to the Law no.5 of 1990 concerning the Conservation of Living Natural Resources and Its Ecosystem, anybody who kills an orangutan is liable to 5 years of prison or IDR 100 million fines.

"The slaughterer of this orangutan has violated two laws, the Law no.5 of 1990 and also Law no.11 of 2008 concerning Electronic Information and Transactions," stated PROFAUNA's campaign officer, Swasti Prawidya Mukti.

PROFAUNA is investigating the reports and has filed the case to the law enforcement authority. If you know the person(s) who holds this account, who is assumed to be involved in the orangutan slaughter, please inform PROFAUNA by email at: profauna@profauna.net, SMS center at +6281336657164, +6281615711592, or phone at +628563693611.

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