Ternate Nature Conservation Agency Seized 40 Wild Animals without Documents

Officials from Ternate Nature Conservation Agency conducted a patrol on Thursday (18/1) and Monday (22/1). The patrol to monitor wildlife distribution was done in Ternate, and was supported by PROFAUNA Indonesia.

During the patrol, 40 wild animals and plants were seized due to the lack of necessary permit and documents. The confiscated wildlife consisted of 33 birds 7 mammals, 1 sea turtle shell bracelet, 8 clumps of unprocessed Akar Bahar coral, and 42 Akar Bahar bracelets.

The seized birds were 8 Eclectus Parrots, 2 Sulphur-crested Cockatoos,3 Balck-capped Lories, 5 White Cockatoos, 12 Chattering Lories, 2 Common Hill Mynas, and 1 Nicobar Pigeon. The mammals were 7 Blue-eyes Cuscus, which is endemic to North Maluku. The nocturnal animal is a protected species, as listed in Government's Regulation no.7 of 1999.

On Monday (22/1) the patrol team headed to the house of SY (55) in Mangga Dua regency, South Ternate. SY was suspected to be involved in a network of parrot trade.

"SY has not shown any wildlife trade activities on Facebook, but he has been actively selling animals to cargo crews who frequently visit his house," said Ekawati Ka'aba,the coordinator of PROFAUNA North Maluku.

The Head of Ternate Nature Conservation Agency, Abas Hurasan S.Hut immediately assigned rangers to search SY's house, where later they found dozens of birds of various species including 8 Chattering Lories,1 White Cockatoo, 3 Eclectus Parrots, 2 Black-capped Lories, 2 Common Hill Mynas, and 1 Nicobar Pigeon.

burung nuri

Upon being questioned, SY admitted that he started off only collecting birds at home, but later on he started selling birds like parrots and songbirds. He sold birds to his neighbors and cargo crews docking at Mangga Dua seaport.

"I have been dealing birds for the past year. Most of my customers are cargo crews," stated SY, who works at Ternate Education and Culture Service.

The birds came not only from all over North Maluku, but also from other regions. There were birds from Java like 2 Lesser Green Cyanopogons, and 2 Common Hill Mynas which were allegedly from Sumbawa. All the birds were placed in a secluded room to prevent people from seeing.

"I am going to report this patrol's finding with Maluku Nature Conservation Agency, because it is possible that SY has a broad network," added Abas, leader of the patrol team.

kuskus mata biru

In addition to birds, patrol team also seized 7 Blue-eyed Cuscus in Tanah Tinggi regency from TB (40), a reptile supplier in Ternate. This confiscation was a follow up to a report received by PROFAUNA.

Anwar Ibrahim, one of the rangers, said that he was surprised to find the Cuscus because they should have been submitted to the Nature Conservation Agency as they were protected by law, and because TB only holds a permit to sell reptiles.


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